Down time

rain down on window

rain down on window (Photo credit: pennacook)


Everyone is busy these days, even kids sometimes. We all have a thousand responsibilities and to-dos on top of the thousand things we personally hope for. We have jobs and chores, but we also have hobbies and interests that we want to work into the schedule. It’s easy to feel as if every minute has fifteen minutes worth of activity we should pack into it. We can forget the need to stop and do nothing occasionally. That down time is valuable too, just not in a way that we can measure by items checked off a to-do list.


I have so much I need to do. I have so much more I should do. I’m not doing any of it. I’m sitting in a room with a lot of windows watching the rain and listening to it pounding on the roof. My children are either napping or watching a movie, which they’re only permitted once a month, so I think I should take advantage of the electronic babysitting while I can. Later, I’ll probably wish I had spent this time getting work done, but maybe not. I might just appreciate the better mood and calmer attitude that can come from sitting for an hour listening to the rain.



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