Two of Those Months

Sometimes life gets away from you. Sometimes you have one of those days or one of those weeks. Occasionally, you’ll have one of those months. I’m in the midst of two of those months now, and I’m working hard at the whole keep-it-in-perspective endeavor and it-will-all-be-okay mantra. I’ve even been practicing my I’ll-look-back-on-this-and-smile attitude, though I don’t always buy it. Really, the parts I’ll look back on and smile are the parts that happen all the time, the parts that are only frustrating because of the overall context of one-of-those-months– things like the kids’ messes and the dog’s housebreaking issues, not the stroke and the miscarriage.

Thunderstorm in Kansas

Thunderstorm in Kansas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the past two months in my family, in which I include my husband and me, our children, our parents, and our siblings, there has been a new baby born, which is undoubtedly good. There have also been two miscarriages, one with severe enough hemorrhaging to require hospitalization and transfusions, a stroke, a heart procedure, a broken arm, and two severe cases of asthma, along with a virus-go-round that has hit me, my husband, and our kids with nonstop illness for four weeks now. Those are the health issues, which I list first because they matter most. That’s not including the flooded basement, the car that needed service, the dog with a mass that had to be removed from his leg (and only two weeks after we adopted him, at that!), and hundreds of dollars (and I do mean hundreds, as in multiple hundreds, not just over one hundred) of purchases to deal with some house-related issues that haven’t worked at all.
There has not been a day during this time that I haven’t known it could be worse. I am well aware of how much worse it could be, that all our issues are manageable and, for the most part, will pass. My fear at this point, after two months of one problem after another, which I am not describing here in full, is that it will continue getting worse. I’m now slightly superstitiously afraid of what comes next. I have no rational reason for it, but then superstitious fear isn’t rational. My hope is that, by posting here and pretending that all the problems have passed and that I suddenly have time and energy for something as frivolous as blogging, all the problems will pass and I will have time and energy for frivolity again.
So– it’s been two months since I posted here. It’s been one of those days for two months straight. Here’s hoping for better days ahead.


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