Fain would I climb, yet fear I to fall

I have been wracked with indecision here. I want to write, and if I can’t put myself out there enough to write on this blog, how can I hope to put myself out there enough to write anything bigger? I have wanted to do this, and then changed my mind, more times than I care to tell. I still have quite a bit of trepidation about putting myself in a public forum,
online, where so often the wolves, or trolls, attack from the comfort of their desks or kitchen tables. But I am compelledto do it, really. I don’t know why. It’s already such a struggle to find time just to write, not for a blog, let alone finding the creativity and courage, that I’m not sure I should divide my attention with another project. This will be my training exercise at putting myself forward and speaking in public. Sort of. That said, even my husband doesn’t get to see this blog, and no one I know personally knows about it. See how courageous I am?

Portrait von Sir Walter Raleigh

Portrait von Sir Walter Raleigh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the title of this post is a quote I like, from Sir Walter Raleigh, scratched with a diamond on

a window pane. Queen Elizabeth responded “If thy heart fail thee, climb not at all.” Or at least, that’s the story I’ve read. I like clever

quotes I can’t aspire to say some things as well as many others already have, so why not quote? I think I’ll make a quote of the week (or month or day, we’ll see) a regular part of this blog. Just for the fun of it.

Anyone out there want to add a favorite quote of their own?


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